MilesWeb Review: Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Ever since its introduction in 1960, cloud computing has grown leaps and bounds. The concept itself gave birth to many modern internet technologies that we use every day. Cloud hosting is one of the many innovative applications of cloud computing that is soon to take over the internet users and community. It is the most modern and technically advanced hosting service for public use.

The hosting services, in general, have a single vital purpose of providing a platform to upload and connect a website and its data to the internet. From then on, it is just a matter of efficiency and capability to choose an appropriate hosting service that is suitable for your website. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers hosting, etc., are all compatible with websites that have a particular set of requirements. Cloud hosting has completely changed this notion and reinvented the concept of hosting services anew.

Cloud Hosting

In conventional hosting services like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, etc., the provider uses a single server to upload a user’s website. However, the concept behind cloud hosting redefines the idea behind conventional web hosting by using multiple servers to host websites.

To achieve this, the provider interconnects many servers over a high-speed and secure network. With this, it is possible to create one big cloud server with an independent and isolated hosting environment. The servers in the cloud network need not be from the same data center as it is possible to connect any number of machines from anywhere.

Cloud hosting has impeccable advantages and features:


It introduces scalability in the resource allocation for your website. You can freely allot processing power, memory storage and even scale the bandwidth of your hosting. You can tone these resources whenever there is a sudden requirement for them.

Say, for example, you have hosted an eCommerce website that attracts steady web traffic. You have to announce a sale for the Christmas holidays, which will bring huge traffic on the day. You can prepare your website to handle the incoming flood of online customers by scaling up the bandwidth without the need to upgrade your hosting service. It is a feature unique to cloud hosting services that allow you to manage and maintain the performance of your website without the need to change the hosting.


It is the most attractive feature of cloud hosting services and one of its major selling points as well. Regular hosting services are based on a subscription system, where you pay a fixed amount of money in the form of monthly or annually. Cloud hosting services have a different billing system that charges users more flexibly.

Instead of paying a fixed amount, users have to pay for the resources like bandwidth, memory storage, etc., that they utilized that month. It is not only an innovative game-changer but also an attribute that is most welcome. With the flexible billing system, the users do not have to overpay for their hosting services.

Top Speed and Uptimes

As many high-tech servers are used to form a single cloud server, you can expect that it will form a hosting platform with incredibly high performance. The coagulated processing powers and memory storage capacities of multiple servers forming the cloud network can host any heavy-duty website/s without a problem.

Since the hosting is not supported and dependent on a single server, there is virtually zero possibility of server down or the occurrence of downtimes.

Cloud Hosting by MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a well-known cloud computing company that also provides cloud hosting services. As one of the few cloud hosting providers in the world, MilesWeb offers a fast, secure and developer-friendly cloud platform.

They offer compelling features with their cloud hosting that allows users to host heavy web applications and websites online. Of course, the service is world-class and, the hosting itself is optimized to ensure maximum performance.

Managed Cloud Hosting by MilesWeb

MilesWeb is one of the very few companies that offer managed cloud hosting services for its customers. Managed cloud hosting services are subscription-based hosting services that truly optimize and make the most out of cloud hosting.

Why MilesWeb’s managed cloud hosting is a better alternative to regular cloud hosting?

Capable Management

MilesWeb has a team of certified and experienced cloud experts that oversee the entirety of your hosting. They actively monitor and scale the resources whenever the requirement arises. Any issues or problems that require technical assistance are dealt with in the background without disturbing the hosting or the website functions.

Optimized Performance

Cloud hosting has incredible scalability and high-performance capabilities that rival even dedicated hosting. However, it is so only if the hosting is handled with utmost expertise and knowledge. As mentioned earlier, MilesWeb has a standing team of experts that look into your managed cloud hosting and handles every technical aspect of it.

Needless to say, in the hands of those pros, the managed cloud hosting delivers the best results and, your websites can run without a hitch.

Affordable Pricing

Granted, unlike the original cloud hosting, where the billing is flexible, MilesWeb’s managed services are not. Although the subscription-based service loses the advantage of flexible billing, that does not mean it is not affordable. MilesWeb has drafted plans for customers with all budgets and requirements. Here are their managed cloud hosting plans:


To Sum it up

Cloud hosting services are game-changing as they can adjust their performance and offer a platform to host any number of heavy websites.

Due to its novel features, cloud hosting services are gaining more and more popularity among users.

MilesWeb is one of the very few companies to offer managed cloud hosting services. Managed cloud hosting services by MilesWeb have further enhanced the overall features of cloud hosting services. They deliver the best possible performance and compatibility for any website on their cloud hosting.

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