On Fact that Image Masking More Significant then Clipping Path

On Fact that Image Masking More Significant then Clipping Path

If you are in the world of graphic, design you are probably familiar with two of the most commonly used techniques employed by professionals: Image Masking and Clipping Path. Demand for both of these services is increasing in the outsourcing business. Which one is more important? Based on our experiences, image masking offers greater value than clipping paths. With the advancements of Visual AI, we have created a unique algorithm that can make complex technology simple and simple.

From individuals or freelancers, from small companies up to Fortune 500 companies, everyone is beginning to realize the potential of our software free background remover clutter. Slazzer is not just revolutionizing the workflow for editing photos to improve productivity, but we also assist organizations and individuals to think differently about design and photography generally and also provide an API to allow others to incorporate our technology into the creation of high-quality products to meet the needs of the AI time.  Let us find out how.

 Image Clipping Technique   

“Slazzer” is an AI-powered tool that makes use of sophisticated machine vision techniques to take out the BG from online images and automatically replace the background with the finest detail in a matter of a few minutes.”Adobe Photoshop features a pen tool, which can be utilized to clip paths. Clipping is a technique to cut off objects from images or photographs, whereas Path refers to cutting images or pictures. Therefore, the word-clipping path refers to the removal of specific objects from the background.

The technique of clipping paths is helpful when you need to remove background free from your image. The Pen tool can be used to achieve greater accuracy when placing an image on a new background. The Pen tool is available within the toolbox. If you want to zoom into or out, hold the Ctrl key and then hit press the “+” or “+” key. This will make it simpler to cut. Use the Alt key to break the curvature in a photo. After that, you can duplicate the selected image and paste it on an entirely new background. This is all there is to it!

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Method of image Editing

Image Masking is another well-known method of editing images. It is used to modify and then attach an extra layer to the background layer of the image for concealing the undesirable pixels using black and white color. This tool allows you to cut out a complicated image in the background. This technique is typically appropriate for the production of catalogs for products. You can, for instance, cut an image out of the background effortlessly. For companies, this method is perfect for advertising purposes. In the fashion and photography industry, Image Masking has much more significance in comparison to Clipping Path. This method can make photos more beautiful.

To make use of this method to apply this technique, you need to open your image with Adobe Photoshop, locate it in the Layers Palette, and choose the lawyer you wish to create a mask for. Double-click the lawyer, if it’s intended to become “background lawyer” “background attorney”. Why do you need to do this? The intention behind doing this is to change the layer into an unblocked image. Once you have selected the layer, click OK. Next, you must decide on the part of the image you wish to display. Select a tool, such as Pencil or Paint Brush, and then select the option that is called Mask Mode. This lets Photoshop mask the image’s non-selected components. You must now choose the part of the image you wish to display. To do this, locate a Layer and then select add Layer Mask after which on to Reveal Selection. To erase or hide the area you have chosen, you must select to select the Add Layer Mask option and then select Hide Selection. The conclusion is Image Masking is more valuable in relation to its growing usage in the fashion and the photography industry.


Power Bi And Excel: What Is The Difference?

Power Bi And Excel: What Is The Difference?

Power BI business intelligence software has become an essential tool in the data analysis community. As this becomes accessible to more and more small and medium-sized businesses, it is important to understand the differences between Microsoft’s Power BI and Excel tools in order to know in which cases the use of one or more another is recommended and thus bring your data analysis to a whole new level in line with your operations and strategies.

Power Bi And Excel: Two Complementary Software 

Power BI and Excel are two data analysis tools developed by Microsoft. It is therefore not surprising that these two applications are designed to be complementary to each other. The joint use of both of these applications makes it possible to gather, explore, visualize and analyze data sets in a faster, but also more precise way.

It is therefore entirely possible to use workbooks created in Excel directly in Power BI. In fact, your Excel files become a source of data that you can easily combine within your dashboards created with Power BI. What’s more, you will also benefit from the advanced functionalities of Power BI, in particular at the predictive level, and you will have access to richer, more innovative and interactive visualization models in order to obtain more precise information.

The reverse is also true, Excel can build on the work done within Power BI to create charts and graphs. You will then be able to perform less complex analyzes quickly while having a single source of data in your file.

Furthermore, Power BI and Excel share some common features, such as Power Pivot and Power Query which are fully integrated with Power BI, but also available within the Windows version of Excel.

When Should You Use Power Bi

If you need to perform advanced data analysis, Power BI will be your best ally. If you want to create dashboards that are both personalized and completely dynamic, Power BI is a must.

Indeed, by using this business intelligence tool, you will be able to connect many different data sources (like your ERP, an SQL server, etc.), which is not possible with Excel. As a result, you will be able to cross a lot of data in order to obtain valuable information that you will not collect otherwise.

When to switch reporting from Excel to Power BI  proMX

What’s more, with Power BI, you can set up an automatic update of your data, which will allow you to have dashboards filled with up-to-date information, without the slightest effort.

In addition, Power BI will make it easier for you to collect data. Indeed, you will be able to automate many processes, which will allow you to save time that you can devote to the analysis of your data.

Another advantage of Power BI over Excel is that it was designed to facilitate information sharing within a company and team and cross-departmental collaboration. Power BI is accessible at all times and from many platforms, which makes it an essential tool for hybrid work.

Finally, for more advanced users, it will be possible to perform data modelling and predictions using scripts coded in R, a powerful programming language for data analysis, but easy to learn!

When Is It Best To Use Excel

Excel remains an indispensable tool for data analysis. Indeed, when you need to create a pivot table quickly or visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) in a few clicks, Excel remains an ideal tool. In addition, the Microsoft 365 suite spreadsheet remains unbeatable for performing complex calculations quickly on a data set.

Team Of Experts

Al Rafay Consulting (ARC), has an experienced and expert team in using and taking benefits from the use of Power BI and Excel. Power BI and Excel have become powerful and essential tools to benefit from business intelligence within companies of all sizes. Al Rafay SharePoint Consulting is a team of highly skilled and professional experts in online solutions regarding all the Power Tools used in Microsft 365. If you would like to discuss the possibilities in this area with one of our experts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Comprehensive Study Regarding to the Password Management Strategy

Comprehensive Study Regarding to the Password Management Strategy

Facing Problems when it comes to Manage Passwords

A large number of users frequently use the same password on all of the websites they visit regularly. This can be extremely risky since hackers could be able to access all your personal and service information in the event that only one of the websites you visit regularly is compromised. It is quite common in a variety of ways, not just to unreliable websites, but large websites like Sony, LinkedIn and Last.fm were all hacked prior to this and a lot of the login information of members were accessed and made available to the whole world through hacker sites! Consider the consequences in the event that your email account was compromised. It could happen in the event that you use the same password or an extremely simple variant of the same password to access all of your internet services.

We are simply people who have to memorize very long, unique , and long sequences of characters for every service we use isn’t feasible. Best way to resolve issues regarding passwords protection.

Password Generators and Password Managers

Password generators provide services that generate strong, unique one-of-a-kind passwords for you. Secure passwords usually comprise of at least twelve characters. They include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, as also special characters like such as and. secure passwords should not contain any human-readable words you will find in dictionaries. Making sure, you use different and secure passwords for each of your online and offline websites is essential because it lowers the chance of being attacked. In generate secure password, the higher and more sophisticated your credentials are the more secure it is to use for online websites.

Password Managers are programs that typically store all your credentials for access in a secured file. The file can only be accessible by using your “Master Password”. The issue with Password Management is that they are subject by the exact security issues like normal websites because they are able to store the users’ “Master Passwords”. If the website is compromised, and ALL of their “Master Passwords” are breached users could lose all of their login information on all their websites!

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Using Password Generators and Managers

I have spent an amount of time researching solutions to the issue of access credentials handling Unfortunately, the most you will encounter on the internet is random Password Generators or Password Managers as described in the previous paragraph. The majority of users does not think over Password Management and just use the same password across each of their services and applications. This method is very dangerous. Users who tend to be more cautious about security typically make use of Password Management tools or Password Vaults, which safeguard all passwords contained in a secure file that can be unlocked using the use of a “Master Password”. But, as we’ve discussed in the preceding paragraphs in the event that it were the case that the “Master Password” should be compromised, access to all accounts could be compromised.

Winding up

An alternative to manage passwords is to use entirely unique, highly secure passwords for each service. In addition, as a security layer, it is do not keep any of this data anywhere. By following this method, in the event that one service is compromised, the other services would not be accessible using identical passwords. Also, it would be impossible to obtain the passwords for the other services using your compromised password. In addition, there’s no way to store any information or passwords elsewhere the security enhancement of this is easy to understand.

Confirming Your Organization’s Maintenance Approach Is The Right Fit

Confirming Your Organization’s Maintenance Approach Is The Right Fit

If your business is hoping to achieve anything within the manufacturing industry, it’s important to understand the relationship between maintenance and this aforementioned success. The equipment and machinery that allow businesses to operate in the manufacturing space must remain in operable shape, but how can businesses effectively maintain this equipment? Preserving the equipment used in these manufacturing operations is typically done through one of two of the major maintenance strategies; either preventive or predictive maintenance.

The former strategy is likely the most common of the two. It is a common staple for maintenance in many industries around the world. Preventive maintenance is a strategy that includes performing maintenance on each piece of equipment in an organization’s fleet at routine intervals throughout the year. This may seem counterintuitive at first, but the truth is for a majority of organizations it is effective. The frequency at which machines receive maintenance is largely based on age and average run-time. For example, older machines may require more maintenance throughout the year than newer machines. The same way that machines that have a longer average run-time will likely require more routine maintenance than those with a shorter average run-time.

The much more advanced maintenance strategy, however, is predictive maintenance. This strategy uses real-time data collection from each piece of equipment in an organization’s fleet in order to determine the most optimal maintenance schedule. This is accomplished through the link to the Internet of Things from each piece of equipment. These systems are able to collect and analyze performance and external data unique to the machine in order to diagnose an issue and recommend the best fix. While predictive maintenance is much more efficient than its counterpart, it is also far more expensive.

Despite being more expensive on average, the implementation of these predictive maintenance systems are becoming less difficult as more and more companies have made the switch. Why is this? Well, as more and more IoT technologies are connected to organization’s equipment and machinery, the more possibilities arise in regards to maintenance. These systems are able to provide owners and managers with thorough analysis and reporting of the performance of their equipment, in addition to some external data that can be contributing to additional wear. All of this information provides a clearer picture in regards to equipment failure, and the best ways to prevent this failure and extended downtime.

While preventive maintenance may seem like the most optimal choice for every manufacturing operation, this isn’t always the case. For most organizations, the barriers to entry for these systems are just far too high. Not only will these systems require the use of highly sophisticated and integrated technology platforms, they will also require the retaining of existing personnel to work alongside these new systems. For some organizations, these systems can shake up the entire way they’d look and approach maintenance, which can lead to a long adjustment period. If your organization has deep enough pockets, employees capable of handling such technologically advanced systems, and a willingness to change, predictive maintenance is likely the solution for you.

While the information included within this post makes it clear that in order to achieve success in the industry you must first carefully consider the best maintenance option, there’s much more to learn. For additional information centered around these two maintenance strategies and how they can impact your business, be sure to review the infographic included alongside this post. Infographic courtesy of Industrial Service Solutions.

Want to Walk on Water? Think Again Before Getting in a ‘Water Ball’

Want to Walk on Water? Think Again Before Getting in a ‘Water Ball’

That you didn’t want to be able to walk on water? And in a few theme parks, showrooms, and shopping malls, customers really had the opportunity to do the same in “water balls” – large, inflated, transparent plastic balls that an individual can climb into, basically walking. on the water surface.

Water walking balls have a myriad of brands as well as ride names and can also be found in watering holes and swimming pools across the country. Some homeowners also have them in the pools in the yard.

Consider it locked in your own personal coastal realm. One climbs directly into the ball, blows the ball through the blower through the zipper hole, and then closes the zipper, making the ball airtight. He has five to seven minutes of oxygen inside. The ball and its guest can roll on surfaces such as lawn, ice or water.

However, the ball does not have an emergency exit and can only be opened by a person outside the wheel. The CPSC says pre-existing health problems, such as heart, lung and respiratory problems, can be exacerbated by the use of these water balls.

“Water balls are mainly used as fun flights for young people,” says CPSC spokesman Carl Purvis.

The CPSC states that there are serious threats related to the water cycle. Because the ring is airtight, the oxygen inside decreases rapidly and carbon monoxide accumulates. The bullets have no extra padding, so if the human sized hamster ball collides or falls from the pool onto a hard surface, injury may result.

As the ammunition is also used in open water, they could be hit by a boat or hit by strong objects such as a pier.

Walking on Water? The CPSC Says it’s Risky

According to the CPSC, two cases have been reported concerning the subject. In one of them, a five-year-old child in Massachusetts was located so that he did not react after a short stay in a water bike. In the 2nd discipline, the individual inside the ball suffered a burst when the wheel fell from the above-ground pool to the ground. Several states have now banned water bikes and denied driving licenses that use this item.

The owner of a water park in South Carolina, who requested that his name not be used, told ABC News.com that he had actually been using water balloons for three years, with no injuries or injustices. He claims that he needs his consumers to be at least five years old, as well as a requirement for weight and altitude.

And now, with a new warning from the CPSC, he said he would change his running practices.

Could People Walk on Water?

For centuries, people have really carried the idea that one day we could walk on water. In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci designed a pair of pontoon boots designed for this function, and also in 1988, the French artist Remy Bricka walked across the Atlantic on a pair of floating skis.

We are probably affected by nature by more than 1,200 species of animals that can walk on water. The smaller ones, such as insects as well as crawlers, use surface tension, the force that holds water particles together to maintain their weight. These forces are also very weak to support the weight of larger water walkers, such as the basilisk lizard, which creates the force to stay afloat by tapping your feet on the water.

The fastest man, Usain Bolt of Jamaica, set his world record at the World Cup at 23.5 miles per hour (37.8 km / h) in the 100-meter dash at the 2009 World Cup. This task would require about 15 times more energy. then the body is able to release.

So even if we can’t walk on the water alone, we can break away. According to John Bush, an applied mathematician at the Massachusetts Institute of Modern Technology, these devices work in two ways: they either increase buoyancy or use a pressure called a vibration stroke.

This principle, which also describes the forces acting on the aircraft? with a wing, can be seen when a motorboat pulls an individual across the water surface thinking about water skiing barefoot. If the feet are turned effectively, the water moving around the body will successfully exert an upward pressure that will lift the barefoot out of the water.

Configure spatial index using Query Entities in Apache Ignite’s NodeJS Thin Client

I am trying to configure a geospatial index for performant intersect querying on an Ignite Cache. I am able to set the field as queryable, and have set the index using the recommended syntax .setIndexes(new QueryIndex("columnName").

However, when I perform an “EXPLAIN SELECT” SqlFieldsQuery on the cache I am seeing .__SCAN instead of the indexed column. I believe this means it is scanning the entire cache instead of using the index, but could not find documentation on this.

'SELECT\n' +
    '    "__Z0"."EXAMPLESTRING" AS "__C0_0",\n' +
    '    "__Z0"."EXAMPLESPATIAL" AS "__C0_1"\n' +
    'FROM "mySpatialGeometryCache"."EXTENDEDPOINT" "__Z0"\n' +
    '    /* mySpatialGeometryCache.EXTENDEDPOINT.__SCAN_ */\n' +

Here is the queryEntity I have configured:

new QueryEntity()
        new QueryField("exampleString", "java.lang.String"),
        new QueryField("exampleSpatial", "java.lang.String"),
      .setIndexes(new QueryIndex("exampleSpatial"))

I am not getting any errors or console warnings, and I am able to query the exampleSpatial field just fine, but I want to ensure that an index is being used so that it performs best when the cache is at a higher volume.

What Are Some Examples of Data as a Service?

What Are Some Examples of Data as a Service?

One could argue that data as a service (DaaS) is a natural evolution of software as a service (SaaS). Both provide service remotely and both use the cloud. The key difference, of course, is that SaaS deals in software while DaaS deals in data. With the advent of machine learning and cloud technology, such as AWS, data has become a lot more relevant.

With data becoming more relevant, a lot of data-related terms have recently become a lot more prevalent in today’s world: DaaS provider, data science, data services, data management, data access, business intelligence, DaaS platform, data assets, data governance, data scientist, and data analysis. In the DaaS market, many types of data product are out there for data consumers. A good example or two of some service offering that follows a DaaS model might include master data and big data.

Master Data

Master data relates to business processes and the data needed to manage any business organization. Types of data that can follow a DaaS model and fall within the master data category could include business intelligence, customer experience, and enterprise data. The science of organizing and applying master data is known as master data management (MDM).

Data delivered as business intelligence (BI) is a must for many organizations. Insights regarding competitors, investment opportunities, and market trends are great examples of business intelligence. If this business intelligence can be delivered in real-time, it offers a great competitive advantage. One could also argue that predictive analytics can be a form of business intelligence. Data delivered as customer experience (CX) is a must for any sales campaign so maintaining a positive customer experience with a DaaS solution is key for business growth.

In many ways, enterprise data is the epitome of master data because it’s so internal. Enterprise data is essential for any business model being applied to a large organization as it’s the best way for enterprise-level businesses to keep track of their business processes throughout the entire organization. As the ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu once said, “The man who knows neither his enemy nor himself will always be in peril.” Without the incorporation of enterprise data management or enterprise resource planning in a business model, a large organization cannot know itself.

Big Data


One of the biggest challenges for software companies is handling the data complexity of big data since it involves the daunting task of gathering a large amount of data, especially unstructured data from a variety of sources. Making sure that software companies have the right data and are capable of maintaining data integrity is a proper test of any data management strategy. In order for this big data—which is often unstructured data—to be transferable into business insights that humans can actually use, a data virtualization strategy working within the UI would be a great first step.

Regardless, big data delivered through a DaaS environment is the best way to import a massive amount of data from a variety of sources. That is why software companies would regret missing out on the big data analytics markets. There are several DaaS vendors available for data sharing. You can always aggregate your data with a DaaS solution later.

Through the widespread use of APIs, many cloud services are available for software companies and individual consumers alike such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, iCloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle. If that’s not enough, you can check the Cloud 100. Therefore, there is no need for software companies to depend on SaaS for their data solutions when they can simply use a DaaS and “cloud-up” instead.

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The Ultimate Guide To Electron Beam Lithography

Nanotechnology is a subset of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology that aims to build functional materials, devices, and systems with novel features and functions by manipulating matter at the atomic, molecular, and macromolecular levels. Nanoscale structures, which are typically less than 100 nm in size, occupy a dimensional space between ordinary macro- and mesoscale products and microdevices on the one hand, and single atoms and molecules on the other.

A scanning electron microscope (SEM)-like apparatus guides a nanometer-sized concentrated stream of electrons into a resist layer to generate a latent picture. The resist becomes more soluble (positive tone resist) or less soluble (negative tone resist) in an appropriate developer solution as a result of this exposure. After that, the pattern is transferred using etching or other methods. Complex structures with very tiny length scales can be formed by iterating a number of stages of this type.

An electron beam lithography system uses technology similar to that of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to direct a nanometer-sized focused electron beam into a layer of resistance to create a latent picture. Depending on the tone of the resist, this exposure makes it more or less soluble in a developer solution. The resulting design is transferred to another surface via etching or deposition. Several processes of this type must be iterated upon repeatedly to develop complex structures with very small length scales.

Some of the technology’s most important features are as follows:

  1. It has an extraordinarily high resolution, almost down to the atomic level.
  2. It’s a flexible technique that can be applied with a variety of materials to create nearly limitless designs.
  3. Instruments for electron beam lithography can cost millions of dollars and require routine maintenance to keep them in good operating order.

The scanning electron microscope (SEM) was the basis for the first electron beam lithography machines, which were created in the late 1960s. The ubiquitous polymer PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) was soon found to be a good electron beam resist. It’s amazing how much work is still being done using PMMA resist on converted SEMs today, despite huge technological advancements, significant development of commercial EBL, and a wide range of positive and negative tone resists. When an electron beam passes through the column, it is formed and controlled by the column itself. It is possible to load and unload the sample in a chamber beneath the column. This allows for easy sample movement.

A vacuum system linked to the chamber is required to keep the machine’s vacuum at an acceptable level during the load and unload cycles. The machine’s different components are powered and signaled by a system of control electronics. Finally, a computer, which may be anything from a laptop to a mainframe, manages the system.

Schematic of the electron beam lithography (EBL) fabrication process...   Download Scientific Diagram

The datapath refers to the portion of the computer or electronics that handle pattern data.

Applications Of Electron Beam Lithography

Electronic beam lithography now serves three specialized areas in the integrated circuit industry. Optical lithography tools employ chrome-on-glass masks for their optical lithography tools as the first type of mask they make. It’s the ideal method for masks since it allows for quick turnaround of a finished component based solely on information contained in a computer CAD file. Meeting rigorous linewidth control and pattern placement requirements of 50 nm each is an impressive accomplishment. Because optical steppers often lower the mask dimensions by a factor of four or five, the resolution isn’t a concern, as long as the mask is within the existing one- to the two-m range. The masks created are mostly utilized in the manufacture of integrated circuits, but they are also used in other products such as disk drive heads and flat panel displays.

Meeting rigorous linewidth control and pattern placement requirements of 50 nm each is an impressive accomplishment. Because optical steppers often lower the mask dimensions by a factor of four or five, the resolution isn’t a concern, as long as the mask is within the existing one- to the two-m range. The masks created are mostly utilized in manufacturing integrated circuits, but they are also used in other products such as disk drive heads and flat panel displays.

The second use is for sophisticated integrated circuit prototypes and small volume specialized product manufacturing, such as gallium arsenide integrated circuits and optical waveguides. Here, electron beam lithography’s flexibility and resolution are combined to create devices that are at least one or two generations ahead of current optical lithography techniques.

Finally, EBL is utilized in integrated circuit scaling limitations research as well as investigations of quantum effects and other new physics phenomena at extremely small dimensions. Here, EBL’s resolving power makes it the go-to option. For instance, the Aharanov Bohm effect, where electrons moving along two distinct micrometer-long pathways can interact constructively or destructively depending on the intensity of an applied magnetic field, is a typical use.

Nanostructured devices such as electronic, optoelectronic, and quantum structures, as well as metamaterials and investigations of semiconductor/superconductor interface transport mechanisms, can all benefit from e-beam lithography. Direct writing on non-planar substrates may be done with e-beam lithography as well as mask creation with e-beam lithography.

magento progressive web app

Magento Progressive Web App: How To Build An Excellent One?

Magento Progressive Web App brings along many advanced functions for an online store (offline mode, add to the home screen, fully responsive interface, fast loading speed, etc.). These have proved to bring the best experience for both store owners and purchasers.

With all these fantastic benefits, there is nothing to make the merchants hesitate to integrate PWA into their website. But the only question is how to build a quality Magento 2 PWA?

This post is a detailed guide on the ways to integrate PWA on Magento online store most effectively.

Let’s get started!

Brief Description Of Magento 2 PWA

PWA is a website that shares many similarities with a native app. Visitors can feel like using a mobile app while surfing PWA.

And Magento 2 Progressive Web App can be defined as PWA performing on Magento 2 platform. It includes both advanced functions for an eCommerce website and outstanding features of PWA.

3 Ways To Integrate PWA In Magento Website

Utilizing Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio brings the website a change from a normal website structure to a truly PWA.

This is known as Magento’s official tool to support the Magento business in developing its own PWA.

However, the Venia storefront (demo of PWA Studio) on desktop still needs a lot of improvement to optimize shop visitors’ experience. Also, it lacks some core functions of the Magento site. That is why most merchants have to hire agencies to customize the Venia theme and add custom functions to build a complete PWA.

Using Ready-to-use PWA Theme

Most Magento PWA themes are based on Magento 2 PWA Studio to minimize the risk of code conflicts.

A premium Magento Progressive Web App theme can include many new exciting features for merchants such as shop by brands, live chat, product labels, social share…

The time to integrate PWA on Magento websites using the PWA theme is several hours if no customization is required.

This is by far the most favoured solution.

Installing PWA Extension

The most significant advantage of using the Magento 2 PWA extensions is the cost. Merchants can get the extensions for free or pay a small amount of money.

This is also the simplest method to integrate PWA into Magento websites. The merchants can complete the installation themselves with the provider’s guide or hire the agency.

However, with the short integration time and low price, firms should not expect much from their new online store.

Moreover, the Magento PWA extension only adds several PWA-like features to the website. And the loading speed of the site does not improve at all.

Due to the unchanged website structure, those PWA-like functions of the extensions usually do not work. Also, with the same roots, the store’s mobile interface is not optimized.

What’s The Best Magento Progressive Web App Development Solution?

After analyzing the three solutions to build Magento 2 Progressive Web App, we hope merchants can find the solution that best matches their eCommerce business.

For firms that want to push the potential development of their online store in the future, the ready-made PWA theme is undeniably the best solution.

Where To Get The Best Used Scanning Electron Microscope?

Where To Get The Best Used Scanning Electron Microscope?

SEMs or Scanning Electron Microscopes are utilized across a myriad of commercial, research and industrial applications. Starting from forensic applications to front-line fabrication procedures, you will find a broad array of practical applications for contemporary SEM. The transmission electron microscopes work by emphasizing electron beams for rendering three-dimensional and high-resolution images. Such images are utilized for attaining information on morphology, composition and topography. But did you know that now extending the operational lifetime of SEMs is possible? There are several top-class refurbishment companies that enable you in buying used scanning electron microscope. Now let us learn more in detail.

SEMs Applications

You might need to use a scanning microscope for a number of reasons. The applications are listed below:

  • Nanowires for the purpose of gas sensing – There is a constant urge by researchers to discover new methods by which nanowires can be utilized as gas sensors. They are seeking to do so by enhancing the present fabrication methods. Also, they are constantly developing fresh ones. Here, the used transmission electron microscope for sale has a very vital role to play. It is significant for characterizing nanowires and for comprehending the behaviour of gas sensing.
  • Microchip assembly – The production of microchips can be commenced easily nowadays. But how will you know that the fabrication methods and new production is effective? The only way of ensuring that is by depending on the used electron microscope for sale. Not just in the perspective of intricate self-assembling polymers but within minute materials and scales as well, the utilization of SEMs is a must. This is mainly because of its properties that are three dimensional and high resolutions that make it compulsory for microchip production and design. IoT or the Internet of Things is more prevalent than ever in the current and is no less than a boon for manufacturers and consumers. This shows how vital the utilization SEMs is going to be for the designing of low-cost networked devices and truncated power chipsets for non-conventional computers.
  • Materials science – The product scanning microscope finds its wide utilization in materials science for the purpose of quality control, failure evaluation and research. In the sphere of contemporary materials science, be it superconductors, alloy strength, investigations into nanofibres and nanotubes and mesoporous architectures, everything depends deeply on the utilization of transmission electron microscopes for investigation and research.
  • Semiconductor inspection – If you want the semiconductors at your factory to perform outstandingly, then you need to get hands-on precise topographical information. Here again, you can choose to use a used scanning electron microscope for producing three-dimensional and high-resolution images. SEMs will always provide a precise and rapid measurement of the semiconductor’s composition.

As a matter of fact, in every water manufacturing procedure, transmission electron microscopes are the most important tool for quality control that is widely utilized.

  • Forensic investigations – Forensic and criminal investigations use SEMs for uncovering evidence. This helps in gaining more forensic insight. The utilizations include:
  • Evaluation of banknote authenticity
  • Assessment of gunshot leftovers
  • Analysis of filament bulb in traffic incidents
  • Comparison of bullet marketing
  • Fibre analysis and paint particle
  • Jewelry examination
  • Print and handwriting analysis

With the implementation of a used transmission electron microscope for sale, it is possible to evaluate a wide array of materials at low and high magnification. This is possible without making any compromise in the focus depth. The use of SEMs in forensic sciences is also very rewarding in drawing conclusions. Also, for discovering material origins, this can be used. In order to analyze the residue of a gunshot, there are particular tools designed as well with automation.

  • Rock and soil sampling – A scanning microscope facilitates the procedure of geological sampling in the most perfect manner. SEMs not just determine the weathering procedures but also the samples’ morphology. It is conceivable to utilize the imagery of backscattered electron for recognizing compositional differences. In this space, the configuration of the elements can be put forward by microanalysis. Some of the valid utilizations incorporate:

Dating the historic ruins

Tool identification and ancient human artifacts

Forensic evidence is toxins and soil quality

Measuring soil quality for agriculture and farming

  • Art – Every SEM application is not strictly practical. SEMs also help in producing micrographs that are utilized for creating digital artworks. Three dimensional and high-resolution images of varied materials craft an array of diverse landscapes. The image subjects can be both familiar and alien.


Within the realm of industrial research and application, the emphasis on quality control at the microscopic scales is enhancing at a fast rate. But current technology and products like transmission electron microscopes make it much uncomplicated to attain high-resolution imagery. The establishment of this can offer insight into several fields that ultimately makes scanning microscope a compulsory tool across numerous fields. If you need assistance in discovering the correct electron equipment, then you can always get in touch with us.