Difference Between Gaming Glasses And Computer Glasses

Today, it’s impossible to spend a single day without reaching out for our phone or laptop.  While spending time in front of computers or laptops might seem like a harmless activity to you. But, what you might not know is that it can bring down your eye health.

Yes, the blue light emitting from your bright display screens is not good for your peepers. Blue light affects light-sensitive cells in your retinal wall thereby diminishing your vision.

But you must not panic as there are glasses that can protect your eyes from blue light. However, office workers and pro gamers have a hard time deciding between computer glasses and gaming glasses.

If you also want to buy glasses online but can’t decide between these choices either, we’ll compare them to help you make a better decision.

Computer Glasses vs Gaming Glasses

There are differences in how the lenses of computer glasses and gaming glasses are made.

Well, both of these eyewear types have one big similarity and that’s blocking the blue light. Digital screens are made from LED technology that creates unfocused harsh blue light. This light has the reputation of being disruptive to your eye health and sleep cycle.

Not only does blue light affect your circadian rhythm it can also bring about problems such as cataracts or early development of macular degeneration.

Both computer and gaming glasses are made to block this vicious light and protect your eye health. Both have lenses that block blue light and may or may not be tinted.

Whether you’re working or gaming, these lenses are enough to shield your eyes. So, it goes without saying that a blue light coating on your glasses is a must if you indulge in screen time. While you can’t add blue light filters to your current lenses, you can choose to reglaze glasses and get blue light lenses for your existing frame.

And because these glasses reduce blue light effects on the eyes, they are efficient in reducing eye strain too.

At first glance, both of these glasses can seem similar to some people. Where computer glasses are designed to keep working professionals in mind, gaming glasses are usually larger and hug the sides of your head. Moreover, gaming glasses are lightweight and use silicone nose pads for the utmost comfort.

Gaming glasses are made so gamers can use headsets with them comfortably. The wraparound model of gaming glasses helps in avoiding dry eyes which is a common concern among those with heavy screen time.

Are you Ready to Buy?

Computer and gaming glasses are meant to do the same thing – block blue light. The only difference lies in the aesthetics of these two eyewear types. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used interchangeably.

Whether you’re buying new glasses or getting glasses lens replacement, make sure the lenses have an anti-glare coating as well. It gives you a clear view of the screen whether work or gaming.

Both gaming and computer lenses might come with a slight magnification as well. Also, make sure the frame material is also lightweight and comfortable. So you may want to choose titanium, acetate or TR 90.

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