Magento Progressive Web App: How To Build An Excellent One?

magento progressive web app

Magento Progressive Web App brings along many advanced functions for an online store (offline mode, add to the home screen, fully responsive interface, fast loading speed, etc.). These have proved to bring the best experience for both store owners and purchasers.

With all these fantastic benefits, there is nothing to make the merchants hesitate to integrate PWA into their website. But the only question is how to build a quality Magento 2 PWA?

This post is a detailed guide on the ways to integrate PWA on Magento online store most effectively.

Let’s get started!

Brief Description Of Magento 2 PWA

PWA is a website that shares many similarities with a native app. Visitors can feel like using a mobile app while surfing PWA.

And Magento 2 Progressive Web App can be defined as PWA performing on Magento 2 platform. It includes both advanced functions for an eCommerce website and outstanding features of PWA.

3 Ways To Integrate PWA In Magento Website

Utilizing Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio brings the website a change from a normal website structure to a truly PWA.

This is known as Magento’s official tool to support the Magento business in developing its own PWA.

However, the Venia storefront (demo of PWA Studio) on desktop still needs a lot of improvement to optimize shop visitors’ experience. Also, it lacks some core functions of the Magento site. That is why most merchants have to hire agencies to customize the Venia theme and add custom functions to build a complete PWA.

Using Ready-to-use PWA Theme

Most Magento PWA themes are based on Magento 2 PWA Studio to minimize the risk of code conflicts.

A premium Magento Progressive Web App theme can include many new exciting features for merchants such as shop by brands, live chat, product labels, social share…

The time to integrate PWA on Magento websites using the PWA theme is several hours if no customization is required.

This is by far the most favoured solution.

Installing PWA Extension

The most significant advantage of using the Magento 2 PWA extensions is the cost. Merchants can get the extensions for free or pay a small amount of money.

This is also the simplest method to integrate PWA into Magento websites. The merchants can complete the installation themselves with the provider’s guide or hire the agency.

However, with the short integration time and low price, firms should not expect much from their new online store.

Moreover, the Magento PWA extension only adds several PWA-like features to the website. And the loading speed of the site does not improve at all.

Due to the unchanged website structure, those PWA-like functions of the extensions usually do not work. Also, with the same roots, the store’s mobile interface is not optimized.

What’s The Best Magento Progressive Web App Development Solution?

After analyzing the three solutions to build Magento 2 Progressive Web App, we hope merchants can find the solution that best matches their eCommerce business.

For firms that want to push the potential development of their online store in the future, the ready-made PWA theme is undeniably the best solution.

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