How On-demand Apps are Thriving Amid Pandemic

The adverse impact of the pandemic led to the massive downfall of the global economy affecting a huge count of businesses existing in the marketplace. It’s not a new headline to highlight the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak on the way people used to live before. 

Well, on-demand apps came up to revive business growth to a great extent. Now when no one can predict when the pandemic is going to end, numerous business entities are gearing up to get back on track. Interestingly, on-demand app development appears on top of technology trends for business growth. 

Whether you’re a local shop owner or a big renowned brand, an on-demand app can do wonders to benefit your business even during a pandemic-led lockdown. From eCommerce to food delivery, fitness, travel, entertainment, education, & various segments of the manufacturing industry, more & more industrialists are driven to invest in cross-platform app development solutions to facilitate their customers amid pandemic days. 

Some Jaw-dropping Figures on On-demand Mobile App Popularity 

  • As per Statista’s survey report, the global on-demand economy catering to 22.4 million users per year is witnessed to hold the approximate spending of $ 57.6 billion from US consumers. 
  • The demand for on-demand business apps or you can say online video conferencing apps like Zoom, Hangouts Meet, Houseparty, Skype, Go to Meeting, Join Me, etc. surged drastically during initial pandemic days. 
  • When it comes to the on-demand video content, this industry segment is anticipated to generate US$95, 976 revenues at a growth rate of 9.5% in 2025 which was calculated to be US$60, 984 in 2020. 
  • Statista predicts steady growth of the video streaming market with an estimated user base of1337.1 million consumers by the end of the year 2025. 
  • Netflix’s market share for on-demand video streaming services will witness a slight drop from 87%(as per the 2019 report) to 86.3% by 2023. 
  • Around 85% of Americans pay for Netflix subscriptions while 65% of them prefer to spend money on Amazon Prime services. 

Well, there are countless stats to figure out the role of on-demand apps in accelerating your business growth even in the worst-hit pandemic state. Of course, it would be a bit dilemmatic for you to decide whether to get an app or not as every business owner will think twice before funding any kind of digital mobility service.

Need some clarity on on-demand apps for your business? It’s time to settle down now as these pointers will give you solid reasons to consider iOS & Android app development to boost your business amid pandemics. 

How On-demand apps Can Upscale your Business growth during Pandemic

The growing preference for on-demand services is a new normal these days. While being habitual to stay indoors & working remotely, consumers are switching to mobile apps to opt for the desired service or product on demand. Here are some major factors that will convince you to get an on-demand app to multiply your business profits in b/w Coronavirus outbreak:

Zero-contact delivery

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Tring-Tring, your sizzling hot pizza has just reached your door!! You may have heard this every time you get your order delivered at home to avoid the crowd during the pandemic. No doubt, the practice of social distancing directed us to switch from ‘doorstep delivery to contactless delivery for real. 

The latest survey by Adroit Market Research states that online food delivery will go beyond $161.74 billion by the year 2023. The data interprets the usage of mobile apps for on-demand services not only for food ordering but also for zero-contact delivery of groceries, goods, medicines, medical equipment, machinery, automobiles, or any movable items with double-layer safety. 

Almost every manufacturer, e-retailer, logistics, restaurant, pharmacy, & other similar business can discover ample opportunities to limit direct interaction b/w consumers & delivery partners with innovative on-demand mobile app solutions.

 In fact, many logistics or courier service providers follow safety protocols (face masks, contactless delivery, sanitization, temperature checks, etc.) to ensure safety & full-proof protection from viruses.

One-click Booking On the Go

 What else do you need when you can binge-watch the latest movie or show right on your television? When you can’t step out to attend your favorite program, switching to an on-demand video streaming app like Netflix, Amazon Prime, STARZ, XUMO, HBO, etc. is the only option left for you to spend your weekend. 

The immense popularity of OTT platforms has been making new records ever since the time pandemic hit the world. Reason? When most theaters & cinema halls were closed temporarily during unprecedented pandemic days, more & more people began turning towards online video content for entertainment purposes. 

The reach of on-demand apps is not limited to OTT services as many other industries are leveraging mobile apps in these categories:

  • For the media & entertainment industry: One-click ticket booking apps for online shows, movies, & live programs for on-demand video streaming services.
  • For travel & transport industry: On-demand taxi or cab booking apps for hassle-free commute to local, intercity, & outstation destinations. 
  • For the health & wellness industry: The continual supply of medicines & varieties of surgical or non-surgical equipment during medical emergencies are 24*7 available through on-demand mobile apps during pandemic. 
  • For fitness, diet, gym, & yoga trainers: Fitness freaks can attend live yoga sessions or fitness classes on on-demand apps to stay healthy as well as in good shape. 
  • For online classes & tutorials: One can find a long list of e-learning apps connecting thousands of institutions, universities, schools, tutors, & prominent education portals to millions of students, learners, scholars, & professionals. 

Secure Payments in a few clicks

Nothing is securer than transacting online these days. To minimize hand-to-hand contact during pandemics, users can promptly make online payments through mobile apps instead of paying in cash. The ultimate guide to on-demand app development mentions the importance of integrating a secure payment gateway to provide the simplest, fastest, & safest way to pay instantly in a few clicks. 

Key Takeaways 

The role of on-demand apps in flourishing business during coronavirus outbreak is no more a mystery for present-day entrepreneurs. Investing in on-demand mobile app solutions at a reputed mobile app development company is always a profit-generating strategy to boost your revenues in no time. Believe it or not, enterprises with on-demand apps made it survive the worst of pandemic days as they continued their business operations with zero interruptions. So, what’s troubling you? Let Appventurez find you the best way to deal with your business problems!

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