Why BigTime Software is the Best Option for Professional Service Providers

Meta Description: BigTime software is an all-in-one solution for the professional services industry. Buy it today to increase productivity and lower costs.

BigTime software is an integrated billing, time tracking, and task management tool that has been designed for professional service providers. It includes a complete set of powerful tools that are completely online and allow users to manage everything. From employees, clients, projects to data such as tasks, timesheet budgets, and expenses everything can be linked. BigTime has real-time monitoring capabilities relevant to a project. It includes reporting, billing, invoicing that contributes to a seamless and accurate workflow.

BigTime is a cloud-based platform that provides services to professional organizations. It is built to manage projects and is used by public, private, and non-profit firms. The software is more relevant to service providers because it can help teams track the number of billable hours they spend on a project. BigTime software provides a complete 360-degree view of employees and their clients. It summarizes their engagements and schedules on one screen.

Users can monitor their activities no matter the size of their company. It supports invoicing, expense tracking, DCAA compliance, workflows, and other information. The software is also available on Android and iOS devices for those who work offsite.

Highlighted Features

Tracking and Monitoring

BigTime software uses customizable timesheets that can be altered to show the daily and weekly views updates. It has a built-in workflow for review and approvals. The users can automatically generate notifications and send them to management or staff. There are also options to manually correct the timesheet although only managers have access to that feature.

BigTime comes with security settings that help users limit their project views to required fields. These forms capture key information and follow the DCAA requirements. There are smart lookup options that help users find the information they need with just a click. The integrated tools are the most useful for tracking expenses related to a project. Each option includes expenses, reporting approval workflows, credit card usage, and flexible options for invoicing.

Resource Allocation

The time tracking capabilities and billing software information include budget and task management options. Users can set up several tasks per project and assign hourly rates to them. It is easier to calculate fees, expenses, and budgets using that information. The Gantt chart helps users create, see and update project deliverables and timelines.

Since the review and approval timeline is accelerated it is easier for users to track due dates and manage workflow. Resource allocation includes staffing information and provides information related to the available users. They can select how much work will be allocated to each employee based on their current workload.

Reporting and Integrations

BigTime has many reporting options which are useful for billing and invoicing. Users can set flexible rates and customize the templates according to their brand. They have options to add the logo, address, brand theme colors, and other information. There are many ways to bill clients and companies can choose between the time and materials basis.

There are multiple fixed billing options and invoices can be calculated based on milestones or percent completed. The reporting tools help users create and customize reports. Only those with permissions can view the permission status. There are exporting tools through which users can view the reports in Excel, Word, or PDF formats. The native Android and iOS mobile apps help users track their time and expenses on the go. The functionality is completely offline and users can continue working until they have a connection. The software is compatible with many other platforms such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, Slack, Google Apps, Zapier, Lacerte, etc. The company provides professional services and training options to companies as well.


BigTime pricing covers several paid plans and each one is on a separate tier. The Express plan is available for a monthly $10 per user and is charged on an annual basis. It is for teams with at least 5 members and provides access to time tracking, QuickBooks integration, dashboards, daily or weekly timesheets, mobile access, timers, reporting, auto-updates, and technical support.

For an additional $20 per user, businesses can subscribe to the Pro plan which also requires a minimum of 5 users. The BigTime pricing covers all the Express features in addition to budget tracking, expense monitoring, Gantt charts, user-defined invoicing, and other options. There is also a Premier plan which costs $40 per user per month for a minimum of 10 users. It includes bonus features for resource allocation, revenue projection, variable costs, and other advanced tools.

There is a free 14-day trial open to all interested parties who want to test out the software.

BigTime Reviews

BigTime has helped many companies achieve growth and they rate the integrated software model as one of the best all-in-one solutions. The features are designed to increase productivity and lower costs. The users say that there is no need for them to compromise on their goals and the tool changes according to the company architecture. There are customization options that make the software bend to the needs of any user.

Target Audience

BigTime software can fit in a company of any size especially those that provide professional services. It covers accounting, engineering, consulting, creative, government, contractual, IT, and law firms. These types of businesses stand to benefit the most from the option.

Why Choose BigTime

BigTime software demo has many options for professional service providers and helps them effectively manage their resources. It is one way to impress clients with modern tools and make sure the company stays profitable towards the end. The software was created to meet all the requirements of a professional service firm. It rises to all challenges and has helped customers track their projects worth over billions of dollars.


  • The project does not support the import of files from external applications or resources.
  • Users are not allowed to send invoices to multiple contacts through the same email thread.
  • There is no support provided for keystroke monitoring.
  • It is not easy to sync invoices or export them to QuickBooks without some errors.

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