How to Print SMS Text Messages from Android with SMS EasyReader&Printer?

In today’s world, text messages play a big role in our lives. Modern life is increasingly busy, and people rarely have the time to converse with one another. Mobile phone users favor text message over voice calls for all these reasons and so many others. It is also convenient to communicate via text. In such situations, what better way for you to communicate than texting? Consider how you’d communicate if you were driving or at a board meeting and couldn’t make phone calls.

It is becoming increasingly common for text messages to contain extremely valuable and important information, so you should be very careful with whom you share your text messages. A loved one’s message or legal information may be important to you, or they may hold a very precious memory.

It looks like you used some apps that you use for this purpose before; unfortunately, those apps have exposed your phone to malware vulnerabilities and aren’t delivering the desired results. In this blog post, we will show you how to print valuable text messages in the simplest and most effective way possible.

The SMS EasyReader&Printer program makes printing SMS texts a snap. Installing the software will take you only a few minutes thanks to this excellent application. You won’t have to be a technology expert to use the platform because the interface has been carefully designed to be easy to use. It is a perfectly safe process as there are no difficult steps, and it is the ultimate goal to keep your phone safe from security breaches. No screenshots are required and no questionable apps are required to be downloaded.

Do Android Phones Have The Ability To Print Sms Messages?

1. The Android Application For Printing Sms Messages

For your viewing and downloading you will find the webpage as well as the program SMS EasyReader&Printer ( On the fundamental page, click on the yellow segment under [How does it work?]. This video shows an Android cellphone on the left (first segment). Using SMS EasyExporter for Android is very simple because it’s completely free, has no promotions, and is based on a simple interface.

This is Very Important to Remember!

The SMS EasyExporter for Android application has to be downloaded and installed on your device running Android OS. Thus, you should add the SMS EasyReader&Printer site ( directly to your phone’s program. Downloading and installing SMS EasyExporter is as simple as downloading SMS-Simple Exporter.apk.

Best App To Print SMS From Android

In case of technology failure, it’s important to keep a copy of these messages somewhere safe in case the system failure occurs. To ensure potential security precautions, a hard copy printout of the documents should be kept as well. Most people who have attempted to Print SMS from Android have been unsuccessful in finding the best and most efficient method.

2. Printing Sms From Android Devices

You should download from Google Play the SMS EasyExporter for Android application and install it as soon as possible.

All your SMS content can be transferred using SMS EasyExporter. Our SMS EasyExporter component is working alongside our SMS EasyReader&Printer online arrangement and arrangement. Additionally, Android devices can send SMS, MMS, and SMS_MMS messages directly to an outside book item: SMS_Android.vmsg, MMS_Android.vmsg, and SMS_MMS_Android.vmsg.

3. Printing SMS on Android

Secondly, you will need to download the SMS EasyExporter for Android app on your smartphone. SMS instant messages and SMS sight and sound messages will be displayed on the main screen of your device.

There are Three Options to Choose from Afterward:

  • To move all SMS messages into an external file (sms_android.vmsg), simply move those files into the outer document.
  • You can just export all of the contents of a mixed media MMS message into an external file (mms_android.vmsg),
  • The SMS_MMS_Android.vmsg file can contain all MMS sight and sound messages and all SMS instant messages.
  • In the upper right corner, click the gear icon to select an alternative.
  • You are then asked to choose the location in which SMS text messages, as well as MMS text messages (sms_android.vmsg and mms_android.vmsg) will be saved.
  • Depending on the size of the SMS, sending and receiving information takes a few seconds to a few minutes. If the SMS EasyExporter application is sending data to a TXT document, do not close the application during this process.

4. Using An Android Device To Print SMS

Your cellphone must then be connected to a PC, laptop, or notebook via an interface. The simplest way to do this is through the use of a USB cable. Ensure that your phone is recognized by your PC or laptop before proceeding print SMS Android.

5. Printing SMS from Android

We recommend setting up a legitimate PC or laptop so that you can fully utilize our SMS EasyReader and Printer website page (

This Should be kept in Mind!

Applications and websites for SMS EasyReader&Printer provide the best performance on devices with a large screen, such as PCs, laptops, and tablets.

SMS EasyReader&Printer shows the large blue screen of the mobile phone on the main page, with all of the buttons on the left side.

When you select [UPLOAD YOUR SMS FILE] in the application, you can explore the text document that contains SMSes and MMSes saved on your phone or on your SD card, and then drag it into the browser.

Please Remember!

  • Whether on SD card or Telephone, your document will probably be in…/capacity/copied/0/index.
  • You might want to consider trading.
  • On your web server, only SMS instant messages will be saved (“sms_android.vmsg”).
  • MMS users will have a record named mms_android.vmsg if they only send interactive media messages via MMS.
  • When SMS and MMS messages are entered, the file will be called SMS_MMS_Android.vmsg.
  • You will be able to view all of your SMS messages on your cell phone screen after you transfer the information to SMS EasyReader&Printer.
  • Printing SMS instant messages is possible using the [PRINT SMS] button.

The full potential of SMS EasyReader&Printer is now available to everyone! If you share our website, we would appreciate it because sharing is caring.

Thus, it will now be easier than ever to print SMS messages with our Android service without having to consult the internet for information, and you can enjoy our service at a greater speed without worrying about compromising the safety of your messages.

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