Comprehensive Study Regarding to the Password Management Strategy

Facing Problems when it comes to Manage Passwords

A large number of users frequently use the same password on all of the websites they visit regularly. This can be extremely risky since hackers could be able to access all your personal and service information in the event that only one of the websites you visit regularly is compromised. It is quite common in a variety of ways, not just to unreliable websites, but large websites like Sony, LinkedIn and were all hacked prior to this and a lot of the login information of members were accessed and made available to the whole world through hacker sites! Consider the consequences in the event that your email account was compromised. It could happen in the event that you use the same password or an extremely simple variant of the same password to access all of your internet services.

We are simply people who have to memorize very long, unique , and long sequences of characters for every service we use isn’t feasible. Best way to resolve issues regarding passwords protection.

Password Generators and Password Managers

Password generators provide services that generate strong, unique one-of-a-kind passwords for you. Secure passwords usually comprise of at least twelve characters. They include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, as also special characters like such as and. secure passwords should not contain any human-readable words you will find in dictionaries. Making sure, you use different and secure passwords for each of your online and offline websites is essential because it lowers the chance of being attacked. In generate secure password, the higher and more sophisticated your credentials are the more secure it is to use for online websites.

Password Managers are programs that typically store all your credentials for access in a secured file. The file can only be accessible by using your “Master Password”. The issue with Password Management is that they are subject by the exact security issues like normal websites because they are able to store the users’ “Master Passwords”. If the website is compromised, and ALL of their “Master Passwords” are breached users could lose all of their login information on all their websites!

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Using Password Generators and Managers

I have spent an amount of time researching solutions to the issue of access credentials handling Unfortunately, the most you will encounter on the internet is random Password Generators or Password Managers as described in the previous paragraph. The majority of users does not think over Password Management and just use the same password across each of their services and applications. This method is very dangerous. Users who tend to be more cautious about security typically make use of Password Management tools or Password Vaults, which safeguard all passwords contained in a secure file that can be unlocked using the use of a “Master Password”. But, as we’ve discussed in the preceding paragraphs in the event that it were the case that the “Master Password” should be compromised, access to all accounts could be compromised.

Winding up

An alternative to manage passwords is to use entirely unique, highly secure passwords for each service. In addition, as a security layer, it is do not keep any of this data anywhere. By following this method, in the event that one service is compromised, the other services would not be accessible using identical passwords. Also, it would be impossible to obtain the passwords for the other services using your compromised password. In addition, there’s no way to store any information or passwords elsewhere the security enhancement of this is easy to understand.

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